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Molecular evolution

August 14, 2013 in Arnab's Blog

Thank you @jason for welcoming me to the intraweb and hello everyone in Dr. de Koning lab. I will be starting my PhD from September 1st and will be working on assessment of impact of mutations towards fitness of species. My focus will be to use comparative genomics across different species and develop computational methods to the model the impact of influx of genetic variants. As you may know that since all species including humans are constantly subjected to novel mutations across generations, the modeling of the same will have significant bearing on computational time and memory constraints. I will get to know more as I start my project and will keep all of you updated.

I would like to make a suggestion regarding a book in population genetics that I believe would be a useful resource for the lab. Its titled "Principles of population genetics" by Hartl and Clark. The reason I like this book is because it would cater well to the understanding of biologists, mathematicians and programmers. There has been a constant debate with regard to the origin and fate of mutations.  Prominent theories among them have been neutralism, selectionism and genetic drift. This book provides textual explanations as well as mathematical equations wherever appropriate.

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